The Big Picture of B2B Commerce Solution Providers

As you consider the world of software companies that serve businesses, especially in the supply chain arena, you typically consider only a small segment of that world.  For instance, given the excitement around cloud computing, you might consider only those providers...

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What do you make of EBIX?

Ebix is one of the most interesting, and controversial, Industry in the Cloud (IC) providers I follow.  (It's stock symbol is also EBIX.) Ebix describes itself as " a leading provider of On-Demand software and e-commerce solutions to the insurance...

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The Open Table Flywheel

In the last post, I wrote that B2B networks, marketplaces, and Industry in the Cloud (IC) platforms tend to grow like flywheels, rather than like viruses with "tipping points".  One of the reasons for this, as anyone who has sold software to a business knows, is that...

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