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You cannot grow a great B2B SaaS platform without great talent in product management, sales, marketing, engineering, inside sales… you get the idea. It takes a village.

In addition to sourcing talent with the appropriate skill-set, I’ve found it helps to recruit folks who understand and speak “SaaS” and “platform”. These hires understand multi-sided markets and how they differ from traditional SaaS companies.

While I’m not a “headhunter”, I almost always end up helping my clients define what they need in terms of talent, build job descriptions, compensation plans, and build a pipeline of candidates with experience in:

  • Supply Chain
  • Marketplaces and Platforms
  • Payments and Finance
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Enterprise Sales

For many of my clients, I use my network to help source candidates directly, or will help their Startup recruiting or SaaS recruiting specialist identify and vet candidates.

Case Studies

  • For a small venture recruited first professional sales leader
  • For a start-up recommended first field sales representative
  • For another start-up recommended VP of Marketing
  • For a major ecommerce provider recommended VP of Partnerships
  • For a PE-backed company, helped SaaS recruiting firm hire VP of Product Management

It takes talent to find talent.

Let's work together to optimize your B2B SaaS platform.

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