Competitive Strategy

It’s never just about having the right strategy, though it does always start there. Let’s get the platform strategy right and start executing!

Ahh, my first love. My first job was working for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). BCG taught me that business is a competitive game. And what better game to play in than multi-sided platforms? Platform strategy is the equivalent of multi-dimensional chess!

A B2B platform must determine:

  • which sides of the platform to engage, in what order
  • how to engage competitors in an industry to cooperate in using the platform
  • how to become a “middleman” without being disintermediated, while disintermediating others
  • how to compete against other platforms in a market with “winner-take-all” dynamics

B2B platforms are a wonk’s dream. I try to bring to bear for my clients everything I have learned from:

  • classic corporate strategy
  • game theory
  • the latest research on multi-sided markets and platform strategy, as well as
  • the bumps and bruises of 35 years competing in tough B2B markets

I can help you win.

Let's work together to optimize your B2B SaaS platform.

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