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It’s not easy developing a SaaS marketing strategy that speaks to multiple types of customers simultaneously.

I got my start in marketing and branding. It remains a passion. B2B SaaS platforms face the same issues in marketing and branding as they do in sales: platforms always have more than one customer type or audience to attract.

This means:

  • Developing multiple messages to fit multiple customers
  • Often delivering those messages in entirely different ways
  • Talking to multiple sides of the platform about what your messaging is to those other sides. (If that does not make your head spin, nothing will!)

And yet, a B2B platform needs a single, over-arching brand to appeal to all of its participants. A platform must add value to each side and yet be perceived by each side as being “on their side”.

Fortunately, there are many failures (and a few successes) we can learn from to tackle these delicate marketing issues. For instance, the payment networks are masters of marketing to complex ecosystems. There is much to learn from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. My experiences at NutraSweet, Ariba, ServiceChannel, and other industry cloud platforms have also helped me identify recurring patterns I bring to bear for my clients.

Software Marketing Strategy Case Studies

  • For several one-sided marketplaces oriented only to buyers, I developed more complete branding that appealed to buyers and suppliers within an industry.
  • For a PE-backed client who added a platform component through acquisition, I developed SaaS marketing strategy, branding,  and messaging.

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