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Software Platform Consulting helps software companies and investment firms build successful enterprise SaaS platforms and networks.

About Software Platform Consulting

I help entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations build successful B2B SaaS platforms and networks. Based on real, practical experience managing enterprise platforms for over 20 years in a wide variety of industries, I can help you navigate your way to a dominant position in your industry.

What are B2B SaaS Platforms?

Learn how multi-sided software applications bring together buyers, sellers, and intermediaries to facilitate commerce and compliance across industries.


The Nine Value Propositions of B2B SaaS Platforms

There are hundreds of vertical and horizontal B2B SaaS platforms. In providing software platform consulting, I’ve identified just nine basic value propositions these platforms “mix and match” to define their offering. This 50-page e-book defines the basic value propositions, highlights the strategic issues associated with each one, and provides examples of successful enterprise SaaS companies employing each strategy. My most popular resource.

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GTY Technology and The Year of Living Dangerously

In 2019, GTY Technology spent a lot for very little new customer revenue. Now there’s a question if it can continue as a going concern.

Enterprise SaaS Stocks To Watch

Did we miss the stock market low? Or will there be another opportunity to pick up enterprise saas stocks at an attractive valuation?

Procore, a Construction SaaS Vendor, Files for IPO

Procore, a construction vertical SaaS company filed for its IPO. It’s a great story with a pricing model that is instructive for other SaaS entrepreneurs.

Salesforce Announces the Acquisition of Vlocity

Salesforce announced its acquisition of Vlocity for $1.33 billion. It’s a pretty painless way for Salesforce to offer industry-specific CRM solutions.

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