Chicken Little and Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance is coming! Supply Chain Finance is coming!  Supply Chain Finance is coming!  Many observers, including me, have been saying this for 7 years, so it is hard not to feel like Chicken Little.  But I think SCF may finally be happening--at some point...

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Source to Settle in Services is Hot

The first decade of the 21st century (2001-2010) ended up being about automating the source-to-settle process for catalog content, this decade seems to be about doing the same for all sorts of services.  (Yes, apparently these things take a decade--though the process...

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Vertical Supplier Information Management (SIM)

Horizontal Supplier Information Management gets a lot of attention from the analysts and industry pundits.  There are many reports on the SIM space sponsored by the myriad of horizontal SIM vendors.  Here's just one example.  At this point, most of the horizontal...

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The Healthcare IC Free-for-All

I've resisted writing about the Industry in the Cloud activities in healthcare, until now, for a few reasons.  First, the topic is daunting.   There is so much jargon and complexity that I did not want to wade into the swamp.  Second, and equally important, it just...

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