Brands Under Pressure

When I graduated college in the early 1980s the accepted wisdom from investment greats such as Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett and business school courses, was that branded consumer goods were a great investment.  Great brands were thought to build moats from...
Gaming IPOs

Gaming IPOs

I normally do not write about consumer Internet stocks, but the recent news that Alibaba invested in Kabam ( a game-maker) at a valuation of $1 billion and that Machine Zone (a top-grossing game on the Apple App store) is apparently raising money at a rumored $3...
Fintech:  The Company, not the Category!

Fintech: The Company, not the Category!

I love the B2B e-invoicing and payments space for reasons I have enumerated previously. I especially love companies that work with nasty, complex invoices and then make the resulting payments.  I love them even more if the payments are then made to cash-strapped...

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