My last post was an attempt to categorize many of the B2B software providers that engage in commerce related activities between buyers and suppliers.  (I guess I could call them B2B supply chain providers, but the supply chain term conjurs up images of planning and optimization suppliers to me, so I use a broader term.)

Several of you commented that I had omitted content management providers, so I stuffed them in with the GPO providers–not a perfect solution, but the best I could do.  Others commented that I had missed many non-North American providers in several spaces, which I completely acknowledge.  In the revised version (below) I did add a few more P2P and e-Invoice providers from Europe, but from what I can tell, I could do a whole chart of just P2P and e-Invoice providers from Europe–that truly is a crazy mess!

Every few months or so, I will publish an update of the chart as it seems to have struck a chord as having some use.  Again, if you would like a larger version, just fill out the form at

Here’s the latest version:

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