It has been more than a year since I updated the graphic display of my intermittent, but never-ending, quest to map B2B commerce software providers into their proper vertical and horizontal segments. The new graphic below now includes about 450 companies.

As with previous versions, this graphic is not meant to include all enterprise/B2B software providers. It does not include, for instance, pure-play BI, CRM, ERP, and HRM companies.  It generally avoids  “internal” applications used exclusively within the four walls of a company.  The graphic does seek to include:

  • All B2B/enterprise software companies that are engaged in commerce (meaning they connect buyers and sellers for commercial transactions) or
  • B2B platforms that connect multiple parties for information related to commerce (e.g., SIM or PIM)

Many, though not all, of these  B2B Commerce Software Providers are networks or have strong network effects–as these are the ones that most interest me personally.   Likewise, most, but not all, of the providers are cloud-based. This graphic has about fifty more companies on it than the last one, mainly in areas I have recently worked in or been thinking about.  Bottom line: there are some idiosyncrasies here.

If you know of companies that I am missing, and I’m sure you do, please provide a comment with the name. Crowdsourcing can be very effective!  Thanks.



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