A few months ago, I posted a graphic display of my never-ending quest to map B2B commerce providers into their proper vertical and horizontal segments.  At that time, the graphic included over 260 companies.  Below, I’m attaching my latest version of the graphic which has now grown to include over 400 companies–and continues to grow daily.  (One PE firm claims that I am only half way to uncovering their list of 800 such companies, so my work is still cut out for me.)

This graphic is not meant to include all enterprise/B2B software.  It does not include, for instance, pure-play CRM, ERP, and HRM companies.  The graphic and segmentation does seek to include all B2B/enterprise software companies that are engaged in commerce–meaning they connect buyers and sellers, rather than being purely “internal” applications used exclusively within the four walls of a company. Many of these companies are networks, though not all.     Likewise, most, but not all, of the providers are cloud-based. (For the first time in my life, a Venn diagram might have come in handy!)

Besides adding many company names, the major difference in this graphic from the last one is the addition of two segments:  the print vertical and the horizontal Supply Chain Finance category which I just did a post on a few days ago.  I’ve identified about 12 companies in the SCF space alone, not including the banks. I’m sure you will know more.

As usual, if you would like a bigger copy of the graphic, please just fill out the request form on the lower half of the front page of my website www.softwareplatform.net and contribute to the cause by suggesting a couple of companies I may have missed.  This approach allows me to see who is paying attention and add to the database at the same time.  BTW, the graphic has proved quite popular, with at least 10 non-family members asking for copies! 😉

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