The vast majority of tech press is about B2C software companies or software for IT department (e.g., databases, security, performance monitoring and other stuff) that does not excite me.  But, there are a few good b2b blogs and newsletters those of you interested in enterprise cloud business applications should follow for inspiration.

My nominations, in no particular order, are as follows:

  1. Price intelligently.  This company apparently provides SaaS pricing consulting and analysis, so they have reviewed the SaaS pricing pages for many companies–B2C and B2B.  The blog is quite well written and demonstrates good knowledge of SaaS pricing issues.
  2. Hubspot.  You’d expect a leading SaaS marketing automation company to have a pretty good blog and they do.  They are quite prolific, so you have to pick through what interests you, but on the issue of “inbound marketing” they are quite good. Hubspot’s intermediate price point, mid-market focus, and attempt to build an ecosystem of agencies is fun to watch and painful to execute.  Some would argue that their price point ($2.4k to $24k) dooms them to failure, but we shall see.
  3. Marketo.  Similar comments to Hubspot.  These folks really do up the content on demand generation.  Because Marketo sells to larger enterprises than Hubspot, there is in-depth content here, especially on metrics for the marketing and sales funnel.
  4. Openview Labs.  A few VC firms compete, in part, on the basis of the services they offer their portfolio companies.  Openview Partners claims to do just that in the areas of recruiting and sales/marketing.  They have a lot of content on the latter issue.
  5. Spend Matters.  If you are looking for content and vendors in the procurement or source to settle space, this is the place to go (along with its sister sites, i.e., Trade Financing).  Unlike the others, there is unfortunately a paywall here, but there is still some value in the free stuff.
  6. PE Hub Wire.  This is a free Reuters newsletter providing a daily summary of VC fundings and PE buyouts.  This newsletter is a great way to see what is hot in the investing world.
  7. Platform Economics and Strategy.  This site is a little more academic, but has some great, in-depth content on multi-sided markets and platforms.  The site is by no means B2B focused, but a lot of the content is still applicable.
  8. B2B Site.  This aspect of the parent site is relatively new so it is still adding to its B2B content, but it is a great starting point for one of the biggest areas of B2B.  It’s edited by Karen Webster of Market Platform Dynamics, a platform guru.
  9. Internet Retailer B2B Site.  This site is very much oriented to the online sales channel of B2B sellers.  If you want to see what people who are scared of Amazon Business read, this is it.
  10. Pricenomics.  Okay, this one has almost nothing to do with B2B software, but it has eclectic coverage of everything from Zillow to “The Man Who Sees Art in Cheerios”. It is well written and about what you would expect from a company that helps their clients crawl the web:  total infotainment on topics you never would normally think about.

If you get some down time over the holidays, perhaps you can check out these sites.  I’d also love your comments on the many great sites I left out!

And remember what Louis C.K. says about Thanksgiving dinner:  “The meal isn’t over when I’m full.  It’s over when I hate myself.”

Have a great holiday.


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