How can I make such a bold claim?  I submit as evidence the following actual pictures of folks (or their colleagues) who have recently asked to link to me on LinkedIn:

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Forgive me, as I do not mean to be sexist (I am, after all, Daddy to two lovely, young ladies and am married to another) but these potential new contacts do not seem random to me.  What could it be that unites these young ladies in their interest in linking to me?

I have several theories:

Theory #1.  My LinkedIn picture was taken professionally many years ago when I had hair. Perhaps this is just an example “associative linking”.  You know, that is the process by which attractive people sort themselves into groups of similarly attractive people.  This is, by far, my favorite theory, but it is also the least likely.

Theory #2.  I write about really interesting B2B software subjects in a pithy, humorous, accessible, some might even say alluring way. 😉  Maybe this subject is particularly interesting to young, female, brunette readers.

Inside Sales

Theory #3.  I have also noticed that all of these young ladies work for companies that provide inside sales/lead generation services.  Is it possible that these people simply want access to my network of contacts?  And is it further possible that these companies have learned that men on LinkedIn seem to accept, and respond more to, links with pictures of attractive young women?  No, that cannot be it.  This theory seems impossible in this day and age.  We all know sex does not sell.  Only adding value and being a trusted advisor.

If you have been a “victim” of the same inside sales approach, please do not let me know.  I want to continue to believe my first two theories and I do not want to alert LinkedIn to this particular form of abuse of their system.

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