A while back I posted a piece (here) about the fairly common practice among inside sales people on LinkedIn of using pictures of attractive, young women to entice folks like me to connect my network to theirs.  (That wording sounded worse than it was supposed to.) Perhaps these same companies use attractive, young men to make network connections to older women as well, but somehow I doubt it.

In any case, there were two quite predictable outcomes of that post entitled “B2B Software is “Hot””:

  • First, the post became my most shared post ever.  (And so I shamelessly reprise it here in a transparent attempt to simultaneously entertain you and raise my SEO results.)
  • Second, after that post I continued to receive even more frequent lascivious requests to connect.  I am reattaching them below.  I must have inadvertently saved them.















A leading offender in this regard is a company called Koalified Leads.  (Go ahead and type the company name into LinkedIn.) Those last two photos, however, are from a company called Leadgen8r, which clearly recruits with a couple of  additional attributes in mind.  A quick check of Leadgen8r and Koalified Leads websites, purely for research purposes, reveals no evidence of this strategy (see below).  They guarantee leads, not how they get them!

Untitled picture










Now mind you, I do not accept LinkedIn requests from these companies, but I did notice that I have several connections in common with may of these ladies.  After all, how else could these salespeople have tried to connect with me?!

These common connections gave me an idea:  how about I start a very tame version of that old Dateline NBC show, “To Catch a Predator”, where I “out” those in my network who have connected to these ladies using their attractive photos.  Just kidding.  I would lose a lot of friends that way!

And lest you think I am biased against attractive women trying to make an honest living in B2B software lead generation, in the future I will post some of the “cover letters” that accompany these requests to connect.  Many appear to be computer-generated by a computer using English as a second language.

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