I spent most of the past two years working with a company called ServiceChannel, that is building an “Industry in the Cloud” (IC) platform in the facilities management space.  It was a blast to put into action many of the things I have learned in 13 years in the software industry.  The company almost doubled in size while I was associated with it and we were able to make huge improvements in its bottom line.

Though the experience has come to an end, it only reinforced my interest in industry or category-specific SaaS platforms and their ability to build great businesses with great economics.

With a little free time on my hands these days, I’ll restart the process of blogging when I think there is something interesting to say.  Hopefully a few of you continue to share my interests in this arcane area of B2B software.  If not, its still a cheap form of therapy.

I also want to thank those of you who expressed interest in seeing me start blogging again so:  thanks Dad!

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