Please forgive this shameless bit of self-promotion. I’ve just updated my e-book on the Nine Value Propositions of B2B SaaS Platforms.  Based on feedback I received about the old version,  I think many of you will find it of interest.

The Nine Value Propositions of B2B SaaS Platforms

If you are not familiar with the e-book, it’s an attempt to:

  • categorize the value propositions “many-to-one-to-many” B2B SaaS platforms typically provide to their multiple constituencies
  • segment these value propositions in a detailed way
  • provide example companies for each value proposition and segment
  • share interesting case studies

What’s new in this edition?

In this newer version of The Nine Value Propositions of B2B SaaS Platforms, I:

  • updated many of the example companies (because so many from the first version were acquired)!
  • added a section on sample company valuations for each value proposition. I wanted to make sure readers understood that even though these companies are less heralded than their B2C counterparts, many of them are unicorns.
  • updated several of the case studies with new data
  • expanded the sections on GPOs, as well as payments and transaction financing
  • eliminated the substantial set of typographical errors in the last version (boy, was that embarrassing!)
  • paid-up for a better designer!

What’s not new in this edition?

  • I did not materially change the nine value propositions.  I did move payments from the supply chain automation section into the Transaction financing section since the two so often go together. (And because many of the supply chain vendors have made little progress in payments.) I’m pleased the nine value propositions, which admittedly overlap a bit, seem to have stood the test of time.  (Either that, or I am just lazy and stuck in my ways.)
  • I left most of the case studies the same. Part of the point of the piece is that these businesses take a long time to build, but they then stand the test of time. Most of the companies in the case studies have been around for 20+ years.  Several of the examples show the patience needed to make some of these business models work; patience that is often lacking in financial buyers new to multi-sided markets.

I hope you will enjoy the e-book, share it with your friends, and give me your feedback!!  Also, please toss the old one out, I’m ashamed of my proof-reading of that one!

You can download the e-book by clicking here and entering your email address.  Sorry for the extra step, I won’t share your email address or call you to follow-up!  I just like to know who reads it!

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