In a fitting end to 2023, this image was generated by Dall-E

It was not hard to identify my top 3 blog posts of 2023 (as measured by viewership), as I did not do much blogging this year.  With no IPOs, and lots of client work I could not write about, it was challenging to find a muse.  So you can thank me for sparing your inbox!

Here are the top 3 blog posts of 2023 in countdown style (can you bear the suspense?):

#3: The $3 Trillion World of B2B Payment Terms

I’m glad readers found the topic of B2B payment terms attractive.  I find payment terms endlessly fascinating, as suppliers often provide capital to buyers who have a much lower cost of capital than they do.  And as I pointed out in another post, payment terms and habits also vary significantly by industry.  It’s a domain that does not receive enough attention but is starting to.

#2 Informed Payments: Our broccoli should be talking to us.

The number #2 post of the year was not written by me but by my friend and colleague, Peter Lugli.  It pays (pun intended) to have friends who write engagingly!  This post is about where Peter sees consumer payments headed.

#1 Apple Pay Later: What are the Crazy Ones Up To?

This post, also by Peter Lugli, about where Apple Pay might be headed blew all the other posts out of the water.  It may also be the top post of all time on my site.   Bloomberg and other outlets picked up the post, so it received much-deserved attention.

If you are keeping a tally, two of my blog’s top 3 posts of the year were not by me.  Your message is loud and clear.  😉

Have a great holiday and new year!

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