Alert readers of this blog (all four of you) know that I love specialized invoice and payment services –for freight, clinical trials, facilities management, meetings and events, temporary labor, health care, liquor, media, etc.

One alert reader, who shall remain nameless, has provided me with many examples of such companies.  As a joke, he recently introduced me to Zombaio, which offers a payment service for the online content and adult entertainment industry.  (My nameless source assures me that he knows of this company only for professional, not personal, reasons.)

Another alert reader, who shall also remain nameless to protect his heretofore unsullied reputation, shared with me Zombaio’s fee structure for its payment service as found on their website:







To be fair, these are rates for adult content and webcam sites; the rates for adult dating sites are much lower.

Based on these prices, I’ve come up with a great new tagline for Zombaio.  How about this: Screwing People Watching People Screwing Since 2003.  Catchy, huh?

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