Did You Know?
  • Visa's revenue amounts to 26 basis points on the payment volume through its network.  MasterCard's yield is similar.
  • SABRE processed about $100 billion in travel transactions in 2013 with revenues of approximately $3.00 billion and about $7 per transaction.
  • What revenues do you derive from your platform--per transaction or per $$ "processed"? How can you maximize this "gross yield"?


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Building SaaS B2B Platforms

Software Platfom Consulting, Inc. (SPCI), specializes in helping software companies build cloud-based, platforms that connect the buyers, suppliers, and relevant intermediaries to form "Industry Clouds" (ICs). These IC companies enjoy many benefits relative to traditional enterprise software companies, including:

  •   Network Effects
  •   Competitive "Moats"
  •   Improved Sales and Marketing Economics
  •   Diversified Revenue Streams
  •   Unique Leverage from the Benefits of  Multi-Tenancy

The Art and Science of Participation

Successful industry platforms solve the proverbial "chicken or the egg" problem of turning industry players into active platform participants. In retrospect, it's always easy to define a successful platform: Concur in travel-related services, LinkedIn in recruiting, Emdeon in healthcare, Sabre or Amadeus in Travel, Medidata in clinical trials, DealerTrack in auto retailing, or iTradeNetwork in foodservice.

What's much harder, and where SPCI comes in, is in helping you systematically design and build for participation, often from scratch. Part art and part science, SPCI can help you with strategy, identifying the right services to offer, participatory pricing, and consolidation strategies.


SPCI has experience helping build successful platforms across industries. Based on real, practical experience gained over the last 14 years, as well as the latest academic research on multi-sided markets, SPCI can help you navigate your way to a dominant position within your industry.

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