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Software Platform Consulting helps software companies and investment firms build successful B2B platforms and networks across industries.
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I help build successful B2B platforms and networks across industries. Based on real, practical experience gained over the last 20 years, as well as the latest research on multi-sided markets, I can help you navigate your way to a dominant position within your industry.

What are B2B Cloud Platforms?

Learn how multi-sided software applications bring together buyers, sellers, and intermediaries to facilitate commerce across industries.

The Nine Value Propositions of B2B Platforms

There are hundreds of vertical and horizontal B2B platforms. In working with them, I’ve identified just nine basic value propositions these platforms “mix and match” to define their offering. This 50-page e-book defines the basic value propositions, highlights the strategic issues associated with each one, and provides examples of successful companies employing each strategy. My most popular resource.

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Gartner Procure to Pay Magic Quadrant with Updated Valuations

Take the Gartner Procure to Pay Magic Quadrant, add company valuations and voila you can see who is ripe for the picking!!

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Upwork: Tweaking Pricing in a Two-Sided Marketplace

Upwork, the successor company to Elance and Odesk is tweaking its fees–not an easy task for a two-sided marketplace.

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Oracle Buys Textura for $663 million

Oracle’s purchase of Textura shines a spotlight on two comparables: Aconex (Australia) and RIB Software (Germany).

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Cvent to be Acquired by Vista Equity

From start-up to near bankruptcy to Unicorn to fallen angel to sold at a 70% premium. The wild ride of a B2B marketplace and application, Cvent.

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